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Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach,  counsel. Those who can't counsel, administrate. Those who can't  administrate, enter data into the computer. Those who can't enter data  into the computer, take dictation. Those who can't take dictation,  alphabetize files. Those who can't alphabetize files, answer the phone.  Those who can't answer the phone, fry hamburgers. Those who can't fry  hamburgers, run the cash register. Those who can't run the cash register,  wait on tables. Those who can't wait on tables, carry dirty dishes to the  kitchen. Those who can't carry dirty dishes to the kitchen, wash the dirty  dishes. Those who can't wash the dirty dishes, peel potatoes. Those who  can't peel potatoes, buff the floor. Those who can't buff the floor, haul out  the garbage. Those who can't haul out the garbage, write poetry. Those  who can't write poetry, write clever letters to the editor. Those who can't  write clever letters to the editor, write angry letters to the editor. Those  who can't write angry letters to the editor, spray paint graffiti. Those who  can't spray paint graffiti, write screenplays. Those who can't write  screenplays, write TV scripts. Those who can't write TV scripts, read  scripts for the studios. Those who can't read the scripts for the studios,  act. Those who can't act, take acting classes. Those who can take acting  classes, sing. Those who can't sing, sing rock and roll. Those who can't  sing rock and roll, sing it anyway. Those who can't sing it anyway, become  depressed. Those who can't become depressed, get bitter. Those who  can't get bitter, get confused. Those who get confused, stay confused.  Those who stay confused, find it difficult to complete unfinished  sentences. Those who find it difficult to complete unfinished sentences…  Author Unknown

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